The Kabbalah and the 72 Names for God

In the Kabbalah, is noted that the 72 Names of God were originated by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yokhai in the book known as the Zohar or Book of Splendor. In the Zohar, Rabbi Bar Yokhai writes that it was not God who parted the Red Sea, but Moses himself, by using a special written formula made up of code letters that are said to refer to a series of coded sequences that enabled Moses to call upon forces of the what is known as The Light and combine it with the Law of Nature to defy the normal physical world.

The 72 series of letters are not actually names but "instruments of energy" that radiate the forces of The Light to purify the hearts of Man and eliminate destructive forces. The magical letters are in ancient biblical Hebrew and are said to radiate energy in order to create miracles, as was done by Moses. Each "name" is in three letters, signifying a positive and a negative energy charge, as well as a "conductor".

Students of both the Zohar and the Kabbalah often wear Kabbalah jewelry charms made of these "names" which said to be written in the same magical sequence as they were by Rabbi Bar Yokahi more than 2,000 years ago. Beginning from right to left, in the manner of Hebrew lettering, the names begin with the name VAHOI and end with MUM. Two very important names, often made into charms, are the ones Alef Lemed Daled which are said to stand for protection against the forces of the Evil Eye. Another one entails the letters Hey Hey Ayin, meaning God's unconditional love for his people.

Those seeking charms incorporating these magical names can find them in shops dealing in charms and texts connected with the Kabbalah, as well as via Kabbalah information sites on the Internet such as Kabbalah Bracelet.