Eye of Horus Charms

Horus was an ancient Egyptian god whose head, in the shape of a falcon is often found in hieroglyphic inscriptions in tombs and ruins of ancient Egyptian buildings. Horus as worshiped as a sky god, and his eye, called wadjat in Egyptian, became to be regarded as a symbol of protection and as a sun deity. Egyptians also regarded the "eye of Horus" to watch over them in the Afterlife and these charms were found together with mummies in ancient tombs.

The Eye of Horus also was used as a mathematical measurement symbol by the Egyptians, and was used that way extensively in their many building projects. Inscriptions relating to the distance from eye to the brow of Horus are often found in writings dealing with measurements and construction: "Behold, I cause it to come, the Eye of Horus. It is set in order upon thy brow".

Amulets and charms displaying the "eye" as well as other charms relating to both the sun and sky gods have been worn by ancients, and still to be found to this day. Modern versions of this charm are usually in the shape of the pyramid with the eye centered in the middle and rays (of the sun) pointing upwards. The eye has a crescent shaped part underneath that is said to represent a tear of the sky god's mother, Hathor.

Wearing this charm is said to bring protection and wisdom, as well as the ability to "see truthfulness". These charms can be found in shops or internet marketing sites specializing in New Age type charms.