Fish symbols for good luck

Fish symbols have been popular as charms and good luck gifts for centuries. As fish have been an important food source for mankind, charms and amulets depicting fish have been worn to assure that the wearer will never be hungry. Fish charms of various types have been found in archeological excavations going back thousands of years. The symbols are made of various materials, from precious metals to wood and other simple material.

Ancient sea peoples, such as the Phoenicians, worshiped fish as gods, demonstrating the importance of fish in their daily lives.

The fish symbol, otherwise known as Ichthys have been well known in Christianity since its beginnings. The fish symbols relate to the miracle of Jesus being able to feed thousands of people with only a few "loaves and fishes". Christian fish symbols and amulets often have the Greek word Ichthys displayed in the middle of the symbol. The symbol can also be s simple two sided design without lettering, and this design is often displayed on automobiles as well as in fashion jewelry.

In Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries fish symbols are often part of the Hand or Hamsa charm against evil forces. While the hand protects against evil, the fish assure good luck and plenty.

Besides fish symbols which have a religious significance, fish symbols in jewelry can also be found relating to sport fishes such as marlin, bass, trout, sword fish, and other fish commonly caught for sport. Some fish jewelry also contains precious and semi precious stones, including pearls.

Fish symbol jewelry can be found in most jewelry stores as well as online jewelry stores. Gold and silver are the most common metals used, but copper and other non-precious metals are also used.