Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are said to be angles or spirits that are sent by God to watch over and protect a particular person. Although angels are specifically mentioned in biblical texts, sometimes as "strangers" (as in the Book of Genesis, when such beings were guests in the camp of Abraham), guardian angels are more specifically noted as being sent to protect a particular person from harm.

In the Old Testament Book of Daniel, it is said that an "Angel of the Lord" appeared before him and said that the prophet would be protected from harm, which involved a number of trials including being cast into a lion's den.

Guardian angels are mentioned quite frequently in Christian theology, and are especially noted at the beginning of the New Testament, when an angel appeared before Mary, the mother of Jesus and told her the good news about a son that would be born to her. In Catholic theology, guardian angels are mentioned in several instances and have resulted in a special memorial day, October 2nd, being designated as a memorial day for guardian angels.

Guardian angels have been noted in both the medieval and renaissance periods of European history and it was believed that these angels would protect a person as long as that person lived a life of "good and wholesome actions".

The belief in guardian angels has resulted in the manufacture of special guardian angel charms with the image of an angel at prayer engraved on embossed in it. These charms are usually worn around the neck to give the wearer protection against evil. Often, biblical verses, as well a name of the angel are engraved on the back of the charm. These charms are found in stores selling religious items, as well as though internet marketing sites. The cost of these charms depends on the type of materials from which they are made, and the workmanship involved.