Horseshoes bring you luck

Horseshoes are more than those curved iron things nailed to the hoofs of a horse, or pitched at a post outside. Miniature horseshoe talismans made of gold, silver and other materials have been used as good luck charms for centuries. Horseshoe shaped charms have been worn ever since horses, and horse racing has been in existence.

In Middle Eastern countries, the horseshoe charm is said to resemble the hand or hamsa charm, and by being pointed downwards, like the Hamsa., the horseshoe lets "luck flow into you". Carrying or wearing a horseshoe charm goes back to Roman time, when betting of horse and chariot races was a very popular pastime. By possessing a horseshoe charm, the owner would have good luck in betting. This tradition has carried down to present day, and many people still carry such a charm with them when wagering at the race track. Horseshoe charms are also carried often by the jockey who rides the race horse with the hope they charm will help him win the race.

Some horseshoe charms are very elaborate, being made with precious stones as well as gold or platinum.

In many countries, an inverted horseshoe can be found nailed above the entrance to a barn or stable to bring luck to the famer or rancher who attached it. The horseshoe is also a popular good luck charm that is found in a pub or tavern to protect those inside.

A horseshoe charm is also popular with other types of lucky charms, such as shamrocks, and may have a shamrock centered inside. They can be found at jewelry stores, accessory shops, and via the internet.