The Key Charm

Key charms have been in existence for as long as locks have. In medieval times, affluent ladies often kept private personal and jewelry items in a small locked box, and wore the key for it on a chain about their necks. Keys also became a symbol or guarding one's secrets, especially "secrets of the heart" and small keys were also use to lock up secret romantic writings in personal diaries. Specially designed heart-shaped lockets, containing a illustration or painting of a loved one, were also opened by a small golden or silver key, which could be worn about the neck.

Key Charm NecklaceKey charms, made to resemble the key to the entrance of a home have also been worn as a symbol of home ownership. These charms, with a blue ribbon attached, are often given to new brides as part of the saying: "something old, something new, something borrowed; something blue".

The saying "key to my heart" also became a reason to wear a small, ornate key, and these charms were also given as gifts to show affection. Even today, this quaint and romantic custom carries on, and key charms in a variety of designs and shapes are available.

Key charms are made from a variety of metals, the most popular being gold, silver, or base metals such as pewter, brass, or bronze. They can be pedant charms, or fashioned into earrings or as small miniature charms for a charm bracelet. They make excellent gifts for young teen age girls, or for older ones getting engaged or married. These charms can be found in jewelry stores, boutique gift shops, and through internet marketing web sites.