King Solomon Charms

King Solomon was said to be Israel's greatest and wisest king. His wisdom was so great that many legends have resulted from his long reign as king of a united Israel. Solomon's popularity became so well known that a number of items dealing with his wisdom were made into charms and amulets which are still worn to this day.

One of the most famous symbols attributed to King Solomon are the geometric symbols of the pentagram and hexagram which are illustrated on a special seal that Solomon is said to have received from Heaven. This Solomon Talisman, known today as Solomon's Seal, incorporated numerical and lettered symbols in ancient Hebrew, which are said to have given to him by God. These symbols, placed within the six pointed diagram, are said to relate to a "harmony of opposites" and deal with the order of the stars, planets and other heavenly bodies, which influence us in our daily lives. The seals, and their symbols were later incorporated in charms and amulets by both Christians and Moslems, in which the six pointed Hexagram was often substituted by a five pointed Pentagram, with lettering in either Latin or Arabic.

The combination of geometric, astrological, numerical and lettering are said to deal with creating order and harmony in the lives of those wearing amulets of charms with these symbols inscribed. Some of these charms also contain symbols of the Zodiac, the 12 astrological symbols that deal with the calendar year. Those who wear these charms are said to be protected against evil, and to bring good fortune or success in one's love life.

King Solomon charms are made out of a variety of materials, particularly metals such as gold, silver, bronze and copper. They are found in shops dealing with metaphysical or New Age products, jewelry stores, and through internet marketing sites.