Om Charms

Om Charms are derived from the Yoga word Om, which is an ancient Sanskrit term made up of three letters: aa, au, and ma. Om is actually a musical chant that is said over and over repeatedly during Yoga or transcendental meditation. The Om term is a very important symbol in Hinduism and refers to the omnipotent and omnipresent power source of all existence. The Om symbol is also sacred in the Jain, Sikh and Buddhist religions.

Charms and amulets representing the power of Om are usually round, to represent the "all eternal circle of existence" and incorporate the three Sanskrit letters as mentioned above. Although Om charms are made of a variety of materials, some of the most popular ones are either silver or base metals like pewter with a blue surface, the blue signifying the Heavenly Sky. Other Om charms and jewelry pieces can be found with the combined three Sanskrit letters, and made of gold and other metals.

As Om is a Sanskrit "mantra" or prayer, wearing an Om charm is considered to bring harmony, peace and eternal bliss to the wearer. It has a special significance if worn while repeating the Om mantra on a daily basis. Believing in the powers of the Om charm is said to "merge" the individual self consciousness with the infinite powers of spiritual realization.

When meditating while wearing the Om charm, one can reach a level of spiritual vibration that enables the inner consciousness to rise up above the pettiness of daily world affairs and reach a state of "universalism".

Those seeking Om charms can find them in shops and web sites specializing in New Age and spiritual awareness products and jewelry.