Lotus Charms for the secrets of the Orient

The lotus flower has been a symbol of purity and wisdom in the Far East for centuries. The Chinese call it Lin Hua refer to the lotus as "the spiritual flower that retains its beauty despite the murky waters in which is grows". The lotus flower is said to possess the four virtues of scent, purity, softness, and loveliness. And those who have these flowers growing in pools in their yards or by wearing charms made to resemble the lotus's beautiful bloom will receive its special attributes and thus be able to rise above the "murkiness" of life's problems and difficulties.

One of the most cherished materials in which lotus blossom charms are made is jade. Jade is a special mineral that comes in a variety of colors ranging to yellow to pink to shades of green. Jade is also a soft mineral that is easy to be cut into a myriad of designs, especially flowers such as lotus blossoms.

The Chinese value the jade stone as having special healing powers and protective attributes. When made to resemble a lotus blossom, it is said that the wearer of such a stone receives the benefit of both, especially health and good fortune.

Lotus charms, earrings and jewelry are also made of other materials, include gold and silver and combined with the beauty of blue-green aquamarine stones. The aquamarine in itself is a very special stone, especially if one's birthday is in March, the month in which aquamarine is noted as the birth stone.

Lotus charms can be found in shops and web sites selling oriental and feng shui jewelry items and charms.